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Hello Veritas Family!!

Can you believe that we are only hours away from beginning classes again!! Like 43 HOURS!!!

Just under 2 days away!!

I have texted to confirm parent helpers for this week. So no worries that you will be scheduled as a helper this week. I have already contacted you if you are helping this week.

PLEASE open the attached PDF and find your names... then mark your calendars with your helper day!!

*Primary parents, you will have one helper day, per kid, plus one day. *Secondary Parents, you will have one day per kid. Please note the times of each area, as they are different. Reminder, if you can not make your scheduled day, it is your responsibility to find a replacement, switch days, or pay the $20 fee. If you know you can not make your day and wish to pay the fee, I ask that you let us know as soon as possible, so we can line up extra help to cover your spot. We really can't do this without your extra help. Other reminders, Check out our website> log in >then go to Groups> Veritas Community, to stay up to date with live chats and news feeds directly from our Veritas Website You can also join other groups to connect directly with your child's teachers. Just join the group that your student is in. WHAT TO BRING* All students need to bring a backpack and water bottle. All Primary students need to bring tennis shoes (they can wear them or bring in their bag) and all Secondary students active classes, Pe, Cheer, Martial Arts, Flags, etc also need to bring tennis shoes. LUNCH* If students are staying for lunch, please bring a sack lunch!! Lunch for all ages is from 11:55a-12:35p. DRESS CODE- Please review our modesty guidelines in the Student Handbook. We will not tolerate any repetitive violations and pushing the limits. Please be respectful of our guidelines. (This is last year's handbook, I will update when the mass rush subsides.) Remember, we will have a prayer room available this year!! I am excited to begin this semester and get to know so many of you whom I have yet to meet!!

Parent Helpers Fall 2021
Download PDF • 236KB

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