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Frequently Ask Questions
Major updates to this page on 6/16/22

Question 1:

How much does it cost?


Students age 3-10 it is $125 per semester. That includes all their classes from 9am-12:45.

Students 11-18 it is $125 per semester. That includes all their classes from 12:00-4:00pm.

Note: We also offer add on classes outside of that time frame for an additional add on fee. 

Any Student can come from 9 am - 4 pm for $225 per student per semester.

Question 2

What is a semester?


A semester is approximately 13 weeks longs. The fall semester runs from the last of August to the first of December. While the spring semester is January to the first of May.

Question 3:

We want in. How do we join?


We have family meetings with parents/students and a leadership member to begin both semesters.

Please fill out the waitlist form and a member of leadership will be in contact.

Question 4:

Is this a drop off program or do parents stay?


No. We are ran by the gracious volunteering of all members.

Veritas is a semi drop off program. Parents are expected to stay and help on their parent helper day. You will sign up for:

1 parent helper day per family if you have a preschooler (3-4),

1 parent helper day per family if you have a primary student (5-10)

1 parent helper days per family if you have a secondary student (11-18).

1 afternoon parent helper day if you have a primary student registered for afternoon classes (5-10)


Question 5:

Is there a waitlist for the program?


Not if you registered during July.

We will make room for all students that register in the month of July as long as enough parents volunteer to help teach and help in the classrooms to make the program happen.

Question 6:

When can my child enter preschool?


Our preschool program is for students that are potty trained and at least 3 years old as of September 1 of the current school year. 

Question 7:

Will you send home curriculum or assign high school credit?



Veritas is for enriching our students' lives outside of their normal homeschool curriculum that you do at home. Veritas does not assign homework however some high school classes do have optional assignments that the students can do for fun. 

Veritas does not assign high school credit and is not an official school. All curriculum, credits, and transcripts are the parents responsibility.

But if this sounds scary please know there are other parents in the group that have been where you are now. Make friends when you come in to drop off your kids. Ask questions. There is a lot of knowledge and wisdom between all our members.

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