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Spring break update

I want to start off by saying we will not be meeting tomorrow on March 11th due to incoming snow.

I didn't want to cancel, but a bunch of teachers think they need to stay home when it's snowing and freezing rain out. Ha!

We do not meet next week for Spring Break, so we will see you again on March 25. Enjoy your extended time off.

I do want to ask you to be in prayer with me.

I am asking that you all partner with me in prayer over Veritas. This group is for the glory of God. That homeschool families can come together to have opportunities that they would not otherwise get, while bringing Glory to Jesus Christ.

I'm praying about how God wants to restructure our leadership, our teachers, our schedule, our everything.

I do feel that Holy Spirit is moving and He's going to reshape us.

I do not know what that looks like. I'm asking you begin to pray and intercede for our students, our teachers, leadership, our community.

If, as you are praying, you want to share anything with me, please feel free to do so.

I pray for your family often. I love you. Jesus Christ loves you with a passionate love.

Enjoy your time with your family. Pray. Seek the face of Jesus.

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Virginia Murphy
Virginia Murphy
13. März 2022

We are standing in prayer with you.

Gefällt mir
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