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God is faithful

Where to start? Where else could I start, but to say, Thank you Jesus! God is good.

I wanted to share a few high lights from today with you.

When I say that I'm blessed to serve you, I mean it.

I get to be the one first hand, to see God work miracles all around us.

Thank you for being patient with us as we navigated this day. Nothing is normal, nothing is routine.

We will begin to develops a sense of what will and will not work over the next couple weeks. We will be trying a new lunch room plan next week.

We had so many parents and teachers helping us today. Thank you.

You all make it possible.

We do know of a couple needs... so if you are not helping, and would like to, we will be posting those areas soon.

Now for the cool stuff. Do you all remember my post last semester about praying for and claiming finances to come in for our building? It was first day of the semester. And not 20 minutes later someone handed me a check for $1000! Of course I started crying with the intense presence of God saying, "I got you. Trust Me". Can you believe that? God says it and it happens. Just like that. Ok, well today the story is a bit different.

I was praying, but not for money. I was praying for people. The people God loves. The church. The Bride of Christ. The teachers. The students. YOU! I'm praying for you! Praying peace, friendships, encouragement, family, community, love. And today, the PEOPLE showed up! (And we had a ton of families absent today) be ready for next week! Lol

So as I'm preparing for the day, it's not quite 9a, things are crazy, we are like a massive bee hive happening, when an unnamed Beloved Sister walks up to me and hands me a check. I glanced at the check... yep... you guessed it, I immediately am overcome again by God's faithfulness and teared up, giving a hug to her. The Lord is faithful! He is so good. And this was before 9am today.

The morning continued to be a blessing all around. Someone donated $170. Another family brought $20 as a donation. It was from a lady in their church who saw their Facebook post about fundraising and she wanted to give to our group. We had more families register. We had over 65 classes happen today! That takes God! That takes you. So thank you. Thank you teachers. Thank you parents and students for letting us be in your life. Thank you for joining with us on this journey. We love you.

So as posts come in with us asking for your help or whatnot. Just remember God is working in Veritas. He is moving. He uses me. He uses you. Thank you for helping make this amazing community happen. Oh yeah, and by the way, the check this morning was for $10,000 towards our building fund!! Yes $10,000! So as these stories continue to come in, as miracles continue to happen, let faith rise up within you. Faith rise up! Trust in the Lord. Stand in faith. Thank you Jesus.

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