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End of Semester News

Hello Everyone,

I absolutely love our Lord Jesus Christ. When He said He had to go away so He could send the Holy Spirit back to us. MAN!! Did He know what He was doing! The Holy Spirit is alive and breathing and moving. He is good. I love this time of year. When we get to celebrate our Savior who came to the Earth.

I am so thankful to you for all your hard work and all you gave of yourself this past semester. A ton of time and effort goes into program night!! It truly was an INCREDIBLE night of worship. Thank you teachers for holding fast and standing firm. You are so noticed by me!

**Christmas Parties**

We are planning our final day together. Veritas Christmas Parties! December 3, 9a-12p for all ages. No afternoon classes of any kind. Dinner Theater students will plan to stay and set up for Dinner Theater and will stay for the afternoon. Please pick up your students promptly at 12p Noon. We have a lot to do before the doors open that night!

As we continue to grow, get used to our new building, make changes where needed, some things stay the same and some things will change.

One thing that will stay the same is our

**Annual Secondary Gingerbread House Decorating Competition!!**


What has changed? Teams will not be chosen by you. Teams will not be able to pre-make or pre-decorate any items. **New this year** Each Secondary Student will draw a number. Your name will then be added to that team number. It will be completely random. You cannot chose to be on a team. Our hope and reason behind this, is that no one is left out. No one is at a disadvantage, or at an advantage. Our hope is that your student will embrace their new team members, welcome them in and work together to compete to decorate the best gingerbread house.

We have many new families this year and we want to welcome them in and give everyone a fair opportunity to compete. We cannot do that if all our seasoned decorators are on the same team or two. This will spread everyone out and give everyone the same challenges on the day of the competition.

We will give an award to the exceptional students that step up and lead their team into unity and include their teammates. We will also award the best decorated house with a prize for the whole team. This is for fun!! Make memories, and have fun with it.

Each student can bring additional items from home, to decorate your house, but is not required. You will all receive the same “kit” decorations. Any items brought from home, must be edible. No toothpicks, tape, straws etc. can be used on the gingerbread house. Come with a plan to win, then work with your teammates to pull it off!

*Primary Parties*

Primary Students will also have a chance to decorate their own small gingerbread house. We will be hot gluing them together and will instruct students not to eat them. Primary students will watch a short Veggie Tales Christmas movie, play games, eat a snack and do a Christmas craft. It’ll be a morning full of fun.

*Parent Helpers*

Parent helpers for the day, we do need you to pull this all off in 3 short hours!! If you would like to offer an extra hand that day, please let me know so I can put you where we still need help!

*Sign Up Genius*

All Primary and Secondary Sign up. If you have not signed up to bring an item to help with Christmas parties, please check out our sign up on Sign up Genius. The link is on our website and also on Facebook.

**Dinner Theater**

If you have not reserved your tickets for Dinner Theater, but plan to attend, please reserve them soon to help us out. We have to buy food for this and need to plan according to attendees. Please note in your reservation if you have any food allergies and we will try to accommodate you if possible.

**Registration Drop Off Location**

Monday, November 29, 11a-4p, Katenia and I will be at Pizza by The Slice. We will be accepting Registration paperwork for Spring 2022. If you have not turned in your paperwork yet, you can drop in that day to register. This will save us time on December 3, when we are trying to party and judge houses.

**Adoration Parade**

Save the date Sunday, December 5, 5:30p. We have a few students from Advanced Flags, Secondary Worshipping Hands, Events and Veritas Cheer that will be in the Adoration Parade. Plan to come out and watch the parade and cheer on Veritas Enrichment.

We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for you!

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