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1st Parent Email for Fall 2021

This information went out in an email this morning 7/30/21

Hello Veritas Family!!!

Our first official Fall 2021 email has arrived!! We have a building to meet in!! With air conditioning!! We do not have to meet in a field... which is where we would be if I was in charge... good thing we follow Jesus and He provides for us, even more than we ask or hope for!!

I am so thankful that we can send this out in July. God is alive. He is speaking and moving and providing in AMAZING ways. I am overwhelmed by His love.

God has provided an amazing, beautiful, church for us to call our new home!! He has provided more classroom space than we need. We do not have to have a waiting list this year at all!! We have room for all He draws to us, to come.

We have a bunch of new class options this semester! We are offering classes for Primary all afternoon! He is drawing teachers to join our teaching team. We are so blessed to have teachers that have chosen to serve alongside us. Amazing men and women!! We are living in the goodness of God.

August 13, 2021 11a-12:30p Informational Meeting and Registration Event- Thank you to those that volunteered to help.

August 27, First day of class.

I am attaching the class schedule. It will look different because I am still learning the new building and assigning classes to correct rooms. I WILL NOT take early registrations. I will contact anyone who is unable to attend August 13, after that meeting. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not contact me asking if you can register early. You can not. I am sorry. Our group is HUGE this year and we are still very busy planning other areas of operation that you probably don't ever even notice. I am releasing the schedule for this reason... So your kids can decide what their choices are, then call their friends to see what they chose... then decide if their choice stands... then they will be ready to sign up on Aug 13. Please understand, it is actually 5 times more work for office administration to change a class, than just to sign a kid up. We have multiple rosters and forms we have to track through.

We have a new security feature we will be using this Year. More info about this on August 13, but your student can not simply decide they want to switch classes because their friend isn't in their class. So these are good questions to ask on Aug 13, before finalizing your choices.

Take a look at our website at Katenia has spent HOURS and HOURS updating this site for your convenience. Check out the class descriptions, requirements and limits. This will help you in choosing classes. (especially Secondary classes and Primary afternoons) If you haven't yet, you can install the Spaces by WIX app to connect directly to our website through an app. Check out the instructional video under the Announcements tab on our Facebook page.This Spaces App Instructions tab will direct you there. I look forward to seeing returning friends and meeting our new friends soon. I love you all!!

You can find the class choice document here:

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