Secondary Extras

Ages 11-17

Cost Breakdown

Begin @ 9am    -   $225 Total
Begin @ 11am  -   $160 Total
Begin @ 12:00   -   $125 Total

Song Writing

Events class will be lead this semester by Mrs. Heather Reed. The students in this class will help plan and coordinate Veritas events this fall.



Song Writing

Event Planning

Event Planning

Song Writing

9-11 2 hour classes


The goal of this class taught by Mr. Dean Witherington is to encourage and inform students on the path that future business owners might consider before investing their time and money.

Marketing, Potential Cost, Acquisition or Creation, Hiring, Work Habits, and Long Term Strategy are just a few topics this class will cover!

You don't want to miss this great opportunity to see how to start your own buisness. 


so many words will go here and tell how amazing it is. Learn how to be funny.

Song Writing

Mrs. Dale will be much better at tell what an amazing class this will be.

All i have heard is actually recording songs in a studio?!?!?!

Story Writing

Our very own student teacher Floyd V. will be leading this class.

He pitched the idea to me and made me want to take it. I will not do it justice if I try to explain what he will make this class into.

The next J.R.R. Tolkien's will be coming out of this class!

11-12 1 Hour Classes

Life Managment

The LEEM Class will be one of conversation and common sense actions to address some of today's difficult challenges students face.

The end goal will be to tie faith to potential remedies. Students will be encouraged to discuss many topics from acceptance to stress to accountability.

We are excited for this class that will be offered by Mr. Dean Witherington.


Jillian reed will provide a wonderful description and I will insert it here

Veritas Praise

Veritas Praise this semester will be taught by the Bounds

Any student wishing to join Veritas Praise must already play an instrument or want to be a vocal artist in the group.

The Bounds will be able to help you learn how to play better.

Fun Jury Trials

Transforming our classroom into a courtroom. Dive into criminal and civil law with motivating cases that mirror situations in fairy tales, nursery rhymes, literature, and history.

In the roles of attorneys, members of the jury, defendants, witnesses, and courtroom personnel, students prepare and conduct cases. The will learn to use statements of fact and witness affidavits to determine guilt or innocence.