Secondary Enrichment

Ages 11-17

Classes offered from 12 - 4 time frame listed below


Biblical Worldview

Biblical Worldview is a required class for all secondary students. Students will study scriptures that will help you look at yourself and others  through a Biblical lens. You will learn to filter the way you view the world you live in through the teachings of the Bible.

For the 2022 school year we are using "The Chosen" curriculum this year along with a few supplemental activities and games.


Art is offered for all ages at Veritas. Secondary Art is the first opportunity students can choose to pursue their love of art or not. This class is always a fun mix of messy and challenging work. Students do not want to miss out on the beautiful art you will create this semester.

Art will be offered twice.

Once for our younger secondary students (11-13)

and once for our older secondary students (14-18)

sec art 2.jpg
Minecraft World

World Building

We are happy to welcome Mr. Floyd to our student teaching staff!!

Floyd will walk our students through concept design of a never before seen/considered world.

This class is going to be incredible!!

Quiz Bowl

At Student request, this class is sure to be a hit. Join us for this fun class of knowledge.

Trivia is the name of the game but no matter your skill set or knowledge base, everyone is welcomed.

quiz bowl.jpg


Yes, you read that right!

Biology is back for our 14-18 year old students!!

Get that Formaldehyde smell out of your house and have your students get to experience dissection with their friends at Veritas!

Worshipping Hands

Mrs. Moore has blessed our program with this Worship Sign class for several years . She will take the students through a worship song learning several signs for the song as well as worship signs that go with that song. You will not regret your time spent in this class. Students also perform the song they have learned during the end of semester performance.


Revolution Flags

Secondary Flags.jpg

Revolution Flags is a student favorite. Students learn different synchronized motions to a new song each semester. Students learn team work and dedication in this class. If you like loud, fast paced, fun, this is the class for you. Please know that in order to perfect the motions you will need to be practicing at home throughout the week. You can choose to rent flags, or purchase your own flags. Rental flags must be returned at the end of the semester. If you choose to purchase your flags, you can choose your flag color. 

Note: Veritas now has enough flags to cover flag rentals or you can buy your own set to keep for $80

Class Max:  20 students

Stop Motion

We are going to try stop motion again for our

Secondary students age 11-13.

Come join us as we make incredible videos that are worthy of our class youtube page!

Stop Motion.JPG
Vintage Cookbook

Cooking 101

Do you want to know how to read a recipe? 

What does tsp mean?

How do I measure something and make delicious food?

This is the class for you. Plus you get to eat yummy food!!

Who wouldn't want to take this class?


Robotics is a newer class we are offering this at Veritas. It is from Lego but this is not just building a Lego model. You will learn programing skills and problem solving while having fun. We can't wait to show the students the fun of robotics and the weekly challenges that will await them.

Into Video to this curriculum found here

Lego Robotics this one.webp

PE Sports

PE is always a fun time for our students that are ready to get their energy out at the end of the day. The instructor will lead you though different games and exercises throughout the semester. And you will work on different skills. If you like to play and have a friendly competition between classmates then sign up for this class.

Pe is broken into two age groups this year and will be offered twice. Once for our younger students (11-13)

and once for our older students (14-18)

Note: Must have Tennis Shoes to participate in class


This teaching duo, Mrs. Martinosky and Ms. South, make cheer leading safe and fun. Working together as a team, staying positive and uplifting, and loving Christ, is the focus of this team of cheer leaders.

Note: Captain/co captain tryouts will be after school starts and requires 1 year of Veritas cheer to audition for this role.

Class Max of 20

Note: Liability waiver must be completed before practice is permitted.

Note: Must by cheer shirt for performance.

Helping Hand Icon

Mentorship Program

In short it  is a way to give back to the program while learning skills of how to be a mentor and leader to younger students.

This is will be under a leadership member. Students will meet with a leadership member every week before being sent to class to try out their new skills with younger students.