Cost Breakdown

End @ 12:45 pm   -   $125 Total
     **Normal Veritas Morning

End @ 1:25 pm     -   $155 Total
     **After 6th Hour

End @ 2:10 pm     -   $185 Total
     **After 7th Hour

End @ 2:55 pm     -   $215 Total
     **After 8th Hour

End @ 4:00 pm     -   $225 Total
      **After 9th Hour (All Day)

Primary Extras


Worshipping Hands

Mrs. Moore could not be a better fit for this class. She will take the students through a worship song learning several American Sign Language words for the song, as well as additional worship signs that go with the song. You will not regret your time spent in this class. Students also perform the song they have learned during the end of semester performance.

prim wor hands.jpg

Blue and Green


Our teachers have a passion for drama and musical theater. They love the students and getting to see them perform at their greatest level. Performing music gives students an opportunity to gain confidence and try new things. They will encourage students to reach for the sky as they learn fun songs and movements. Students will preform during the end of semester performance.

Note: Costume cost is the responsibility of the parent

prim drama.jpg

Blue, Green, and Orange



Students will enjoying watching an episode of Torchlighters with their class while eating popcorn and taking a load off.

This class is a small intro into the Biblical Worldview they will receive later in their Veritas career.

Find out more about Torchlighters here:

Blue, Green and Orange


Blue, Green, and Orange

This isn't your average Health Class.

Kaci Smoothers has agreed to come onto the volunteer teaching class and not only give our students some knowledge of our bodies and being health. But she also is going to incorporate movement into her teaching. Very little table work will be involved in this active class.

Exercising Outdoors

Prime Time
All Afternoon

Prime time is an afternoon childcare service provided by Veritas. It is specifically designed for our teachers that are in class in the afternoon. It allows our volunteers to pick up all their children at one time instead of having to make multiple pick ups.

It is $30 per period enrolled in each semester (not a weekly fee).

Please note your child might be given a snack in this class depending on the class time they are in. Make sure the primetime teacher is aware of allergies.

prime time.jpg

 Red only
(teachers only)

Station Play

Orange and Green Only

Station Play is offer the last class of the day (9th Hour)

It is a free time class that allows students to play with their friends and choose their own activities. 

This class has several stations set up that students can choose from but is not structured and is student lead.

Playing the Flute
prim flags.jpg


Blue Only

Flags is another way students can worship at Veritas. Students learn flag movements and perform a choreographed song together. The students learn team work and dedication in this class. If you like fast paced, fun, and loud then this is the class for you. Please know to perfect the motions you will need to be practicing throughout the week at home. 

Note: Flags are $20 to rent per semester or $80 to buy


Blue Only

Robotics is a newer class we are offering this at Veritas. It is from Lego but this is not just building a Lego model. You will learn programing skills and problem solving while having fun. We can't wait to show the students the fun of robotics and the weekly challenges that will await them.

Into Video to this curriculum found here

Lego Robotics this one.webp