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Katrina Cramer


Katrina Cramer is the fearless leader of Veritas. She took the program over 4 years ago (2017) and helped it grow and blossom.

Katrina started with the Veritas program as a teacher for our Primary PE Class. From there she has taught multiple classes including survival, rocketry, preschool and the book of James. 

Now she is in charge of finances, parent communications, class scheduling, newsletter, enrollment, end of semester performance, church communication, as well as a million other jobs. 

Without this wonderful woman Veritas would not be what it is today. She is the head of the Leadership Team and serves with all the Directors. She manages the chaos with grace and a heart for Jesus. 

When Katrina isn't working on Veritas she loves to serve in her local church. Katrina has been married to Dustin for 18 years. She also is raising 4 kids from preschool to high school. She loves to take her kids to the lake, creek, boating, hiking, and their other activities. She also enjoys work in her yard and gardening.  She is anxiously awaiting the return of Jesus Christ, our Sovereign Savior.

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