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Ashley Martinosky


Ashley Martinosky has been a member of Veritas Enrichment for 3 years. She is joining the Leadership Team as Secondary Director in Fall 2021.

Ashley has served in Veritas in many ways and areas. She has been teacher for many classes in Primary and Secondary. She has assisted the Cubs class, coached P.E. and been a substitute teacher to many Primary classes. In Secondary classes she has taught Line Dancing, Cheerleading and Biblical Worldview.

Ashley has been married to Jesse for 7  years. She is a mom and step-mom to 5 children, toddler to Jr. High ages. Jessie and Ashley are co-owners of 2 restaurants in Branson, Crazy Craig’s Cheeky Monkey and Crazy Craig’s Treehouse. Ashley coaches kids Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and Women’s Self Defense classes.

She volunteers in the marketing department for the Martial Arts school. She is a second degree blue belt. She has been a realtor in Missouri since 2013. Their family is active in their local church.

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Katenia Allen: Staff
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