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Building Update (July 21, 2021)

Hello Veritas Family!

This Spring and Summer have challenged me to be patient as we wait on the Lord. God has given me this time to draw closer to Him and to learn to trust Him even when everything in the natural looks silent and still.

What I know without a doubt is that God is always working. What I know without a doubt is that God loves us... you, and me. I also know without a doubt that we will have our own building in the future. God is our provider. God is faithful!

We have considered ourselves homeless as a group since May. Without a way to make it happen in my time, my way, I can honestly say I trust in the Lord. When hard, silent days were my company, I would stand on truth and promises. Many days, I would stop and say "I trust you Lord. Even when I don't have the answers, or know how to pray, or know what to do , I trust You".

Fully dependant on God. Fully dependant on the voice of the Holy Spirit, is a wonderful place to live!

Veritas has record numbers enrolled for the Fall. It's going to be BOOMING!

We have been blessed with a meeting location for this year. Praise the Lord in His perfect timing! Located on 248 Hwy right across from Big Air, Grace Assembly is the new home of Veritas Enrichment! It's a beautiful church, has plenty of large rooms, and will be God's perfect blessing to us!

August 13, at 11a-12:30p we will meet at Grace Assembly for our registration event and informational meeting. I think you will agree that God is our Awesome Provider!

Thank you to our community that has prayed, believed and come along side us thru this process of relocating.

-Katrina Cramer

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